Place of Origin:Coll Regalis
Known Predecessor:The Starwife (The Oaken Throne)
Known Successor:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears in: The Oaken Throne

Ysabelle was the daughter of Lady Ninnia and Lord Cyllinus and the princess of the Hazel Realm.

During the celebration of Aldertide, Ysabelle is eager to join the festivities, much to the dismay of her fieldmouse nursemaid Griselda.

Soon however, a group of bats who are pursuing a falcon bring an end to the day's happiness. The bats manage to kill the falcon and, to Ysabelle's horror, its body falls near her and a silver acorn pendant drops into her palm.

The bats swoop down and attack the squirrel maiden. She is saved by the stoat jester Wendel Maculatum, and most of the bats are soon defeated. Ysabelle shows her mother the silver acorn, and she stares at it in shock. The pendant is the symbol of the Starwife, and this means that the land of Greenreach has been destroyed.

One of the bats, named Heglyr, has been taken as a prisoner. He verifies the fall of Greenreach and the death of the Starwife, and says that others of his kind will soon return that night and attack the Hazel Realm. But before they can get any more information out of him, the bat kills himself by running into one of the squirrels' blades.

Left with no other choice, the Lady Ninnia decides to send Ysabelle to Greenreach, accompanied by the squirrel guards of the realm. Since she caught the silver acorn, it is clear that destiny has placed her in the role of the Starwife. Ninnia and her husband Cyllinus know that they and many of the squirrels must stay in the Hazel Realm to face certain death. They say their painful goodbyes, knowing that they will never see Ysabelle again.

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