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Woodget Pipple was a fieldmouse of Betony Bank and the best friend of Thomas Triton. He was very small, with large ears and whiskers that twitched constantly.

After a misunderstanding, he left Betony Bank and Thomas followed him to the ship harbour where they both were tricked by the Irish mouse Mulligan into boarding the Calliope. This was the start of a journey that would lead them to Crete, India and finally Singapore, in an attempt to prevent the serpent god Sarpedon from being released upon the world.

In the end, they were successful, but as they were about to board a ship that would take them home, Thomas was put into a trance by Mother Lotus, one of the surviving followers of Sarpedon. Without realising what he was doing, he threw Woodget into the water to drown. Hours later, Thomas stirred from the enchantment and then to his horror, remembered what he had done. Thinking that he killed his friend, the event would haunt him for years afterward.

Unbeknownst to Thomas however, Woodget was rescued by Zenna the sea maiden, and brought back to the City of Hara in India. With no memory of who he was, Woodget became the new Holy One.

Trivia Edit

  • Woodget is named after an English sea captain, Captain Richard Woodget, best known as the master of the famous sailing clipper Cutty Sark (which would become the home of the fieldmouse's friend Thomas) during her most successful period of service in the wool trade between Australia and the United Kingdom.

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