Whortle's Hope UK Cover

Year Published: 2007
Illustrator(s): Robin Jarvis
UK Cover Artist: Robin Jarvis
Page Count: 384
ISBN: ISBN 0340855126
Chronological Order: 5
Publication Order: 9

Whortle's Hope is the second book in the Deptford Mouselets series by Robin Jarvis.


It is almost the time of the Fennywolde games, when the young field mice compete to see who will have the honour of being the head sentry of the cornfield for the entire summer. Young Whortle longs to win the competition, but not if it means his friends are going to sabotage the other competitor's chances. He wants to win on his own merits, but soon realises winning isn't the most important thing as another mouse needs the prize more than he does.


  1. Five Friends
  2. The Training Begins
  3. The Not Quite Phantoms
  4. Inside the Grelffit Houm
  5. Doubts and Progress
  6. The Dark Truth
  7. Aboard the Silver Hare
  8. Virianna
  9. Spitting Against the Storm
  10. Tears in Moonlight
  11. Swearing the Oath
  12. The Most Welcoming of Friends
  13. The Five Heroes
  14. Beneath the Flames
  15. Gifts from the Grelffit Houm
  16. The Games Begin
  17. The Completely Brilliant Dimsel Bottom
  18. The Savage Goddess
  19. Amnemsis
  20. The Head Sentry
Finishing Lines

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