Thomas is the third book in The Deptford Histories trilogy by Robin Jarvis. It is the backstory of Thomas Triton, revealing the dark secret of his past.

Official descriptionEdit

It is four years since the fall of Jupiter, but upon the Cutty Sark all is far from well. Thomas Triton, midshipmouse, is tormented by horrific visions of the past; of stormlashed seas, ferocious battles, lost cities and terrifying heathen gods. But now the time has come to confront the most chilling memory of his youth and a dark, dreadful secret...

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Prologue: Old Wounds Edit

Chapter 1: A Bowl of Berrybrew Edit

Chapter 2: Mulligan Edit

Chapter 3: Aboard the Calliope Edit

Chapter 4: Steeped in Venom Edit

Chapter 5: Simoon Edit

Chapter 6: Siren Songs Edit

Chapter 7: Into the Raging Squall Edit

Chapter 8: At the Shrine of Virbius Edit

Chapter 9: The Passing of the Burden Edit

Chapter 10: The Legacy of Mulligan Edit

Chapter 11: The City of Hara Edit

Chapter 12: The Holy One Edit

Chapter 13: The Betrayal of Hara Edit

Chapter 14: The Adept of Sarpedon Edit

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Chapter 17: Journey's End Edit

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