Thomas UK Cover

Year Published: 1995
Illustrator(s): Robin Jarvis
US Cover Artist: Leonid Gore
UK Cover Artist: Robin Jarvis
Page Count: 461
ISBN: ISBN 0750017457
Chronological Order: 3
Publication Order: 6

Thomas US Cover

Thomas is the third book in the Deptford Histories Trilogy by Robin Jarvis.


The story tells of the midshipmouse Thomas Triton's adventures when he was young. He and his friend Woodget Pipple become embroiled in the hideous schemes of the Scale, the followers of the evil serpent god Sarpedon.


Old Wounds
  1. A Bowl of Berrybrew
  2. Mulligan
  3. Aboard the Calliope
  4. Steeped in Venom
  5. Simoon
  6. Siren Songs
  7. Into the Raging Squall
  8. At the Shrine of Virbius
  9. The Passing of the Burden
  10. The Legacy of Mulligan
  11. The City of Hara
  12. The Holy One
  13. The Betrayal of Hara
  14. The Adept of Sarpedon
  15. The Lotus Parlour
  16. The Black Temple
  17. Journey's End

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