Audrey redirects here. For the mouse, see Audrey Scuttle


Place of Origin:Greenwich
Known Predecessor:Unknown
Known Successor:Audrey Scuttle
Death: Old age/Hypothermia
Appears in: The Dark Portal
The Crystal Prison
The Final Reckoning

Audrey was the Starwife during the events of The Dark Portal, The Crystal Prison and most of The Final Reckoning. Her name was not revealed until her encounter with Bauchan right before her death, and coincidentally, it was the same as that of her successor.

In her youth the Starwife was a pretty black squirrel maiden, but with age her fur had turned gray. She was known for having a temper and sometimes being rude, but her intentions were always good and she was quite venerable and respectable. She commanded Audrey Brown to take Madame Akkikuyu to the country.

During the time when the spirit of Jupiter smothered the world in eternal winter, the Starwife decided that Audrey Brown would succeed her. After this, the Starwife went outside into the cold, snow-covered yard and died with a smile on her face.

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