The Great Spring Ceremony is an event for young mice who have come to the age in which they receive their mousebrasses. Each mouse enters through the decorated Chambers of Winter and Summer until they are finally given their charms by the brassmaker who wears a leafy costume to look like The Green Mouse. Then they reach down in a bag and take out the first mousebrass they touch. Some of the mousebrasses given are:

  • The Anti-Cat Charm
  • The Anti-Fox Charm
  • The Anti-Owl Charm
  • The Sign of Family
  • The Cheese Charm
  • The Sign of the Fieldmouse
  • The Sign of Hope
  • The Sign of Life
  • The Sign of the Housemouse
  • The Sign of Bravery and Courage
  • The Sign of the Travelling Mouse
  • The Sign of Grace and Beauty
  • The Sign of the Maker

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