The Final Reckoning UK Cover

Year Published: 1990
Illustrator(s): Robin Jarvis
US Cover Artist: Leonid Gore
UK Cover Artist: Robin Jarvis
Page Count: 352
ISBN: ISBN 0340930365
Chronological Order: 9
Publication Order: 3

The Final Reckoning US Cover

The Final Reckoning is the third book in the Deptford Mice Trilogy by Robin Jarvis.


When the ghostly spirit of Jupiter returns, he is determined to freeze the world in eternal winter. He has gathered an army of spectral rats, and the Deptford Mice know that a desperate struggle confronts them.


The Peddler
  1. Yule
  2. Mad and Bad
  3. Old Stumpy
  4. Murder in the Park
  5. The Beacon Fire
  6. The Book of Hrethel
  7. The Demon Thief
  8. Re-enlisting
  9. Showing the Way
  10. Duel in the Storm
  11. The Midwinter Death
  12. Hunted
  13. Battle on Board
  14. The Final Reckoning
The Call of the Silver

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