After the unfolding drama of the previous story I knew this one had to have a powerful beginning which dragged the reader onto a roller coaster ride that did not let up until the very last page.
Robin Jarvis

The Final Reckoning is the third novel in The Deptford Mice trilogy by Robin Jarvis. The book was first published in 1990 by Macdonald & Company in London.


When the ghostly spirit of Jupiter returns, he is determined to freeze the world in eternal winter. He has gathered an army of spectral rats, and the Deptford Mice know that a desperate struggle confronts them.

The Story So Far Edit

The Final Reckoning is the third book in the story of the Deptford Mice. The first book, The Dark Portal, tells how Audrey and Arthur Brown venture into the sewers looking for Audrey's mousebrass, a magical charm given to her by the mystical Green Mouse. In the dark tunnels they meet Madame Akkikuyu, a fortune-telling rat, and are later pursued by a terrifying rat army commanded by Morgan, the lieutenant of the mighty, yet unseen, Jupiter. With the aid of their friends Oswald, Twit, Piccadilly, and Thomas Triton, Audrey and Arthur are able to foil Jupiter's evil plans to swamp London with the Black Death. The Rat God emerges from his lair and to everyone's horror is revealed as a monstrous cat. Audrey flings her mousebrass into his face and it explodes, sending him plunging to his death in the deep sewer.

In The Crystal Prison, the Starwife, an ancient and wise squirrel, forces Audrey to take the now mad Akkikuyu to the country. With her brother and Twit they journey to Fennywolde - the fieldmouse's home. But soon several young fieldmice are found murdered, and Madame Akkikuyu is tormented by a voice that only she can hear. The country folk at first blame Audrey, and she is about to be burned as a witch when Twit saves the girl by marrying her. Horrified, Madame Akkikuyu learns that the voice belongs to the unquiet spirit of Jupiter, and she is made to perform a ceremony that will free him from the other side. In a bid to prevent his return she throws herself onto a fire, which engulfs the whole of Fennywolde. The mice escape to safety, and Audrey and Arthur return to Deptford unaware that the vengeful spirit of Jupiter is free and more powerful than ever.

Plot Edit

Prologue: The Pedlar Edit

Chapter 1: Yule Edit

Chapter 2: Mad and Bad Edit

Chapter 3: Old Stumpy Edit

Chapter 4: Murder in the Park Edit

Chapter 5: The Beacon Fire Edit

Chapter 6: The Book of Hrethel Edit

Chapter 7: The Demon Thief Edit

Chapter 8: Re-enlisting Edit

Chapter 9: Showing the Way Edit

Chapter 10: Duel in the Storm Edit

Chapter 11: The Midwinter Death Edit

Chapter 12: Hunted Edit

Chapter 13: Battle on Board Edit

Chapter 14: The Final Reckoning Edit

Epilogue: The Call of the Silver Edit


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