The Alchymist's Cat UK Cover

Year Published: 1991
Illustrator(s): Robin Jarvis
US Cover Artist: Leonid Gore
UK Cover Artist: Robin Jarvis
Page Count: 240
ISBN: ISBN 0750008903
Chronological Order: 2
Publication Order: 4

The Alchymist's Cat US Cover

The Alchymist's Cat is the first book in the Deptford Histories Trilogy by Robin Jarvis.


When young Will Godwin, an alchemist's assistant, finds a mother cat and her three kittens in a London churchyard, he carries them back to his master's apothecary. And there unfolds a tale of sorcery, villainy and murder. . . which eventually leads to the beginning of Jupiter.


The Beginning
  1. Childhood Forsaken
  2. "Where Dreams and Nightmares Mingle"
  3. The Apothecary
  4. A Hideous Task
  5. A Dragon in the Rags
  6. Necromancy
  7. Playing with Fire
  8. Adieu
  9. "Lord Have Mercy on Us"
  10. The Plague Doctor
  11. At the Southwarke Mission
  12. The Fall of Adonis
  13. The Depths of His Black Heart
  14. Of Reckoning and Destiny
The Blackened Beast

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