Neltemi was one of the twelve maidens who guarded the Shrine of Virbius in Crete. She was the sole survivor when the Scale attacked, having been away picking flowers at the time.

She was relieved to see Mulligan when he arrived on the island afterward. After telling him what had happened, she suggested he take the ninth fragment of the jade egg of Sarpedon to Hara in India. There the Holy One would be able to advise him further.

Both were surprised to see Dimlon approaching. Mulligan had previously been trying unsuccessfully to resuscitate him as he had been close to death after the wreck of the Calliope. Neltemi thought it unwise for Mulligan to take such a simpleton along on his important trip, but he insisted he might instill some sense into him.

It was then that Dimlon showed his true colours, revealing that he was in fact Dahrem Ruhar, adept of the Scale. Taking Neltemi hostage, he demanded that Mulligan hand him the ninth fragment or he'd kill the maiden. The Irish mouse was about to comply when Neltemi, realising the doom that would befall the world should he do so, decided to sacrifice herself. Grabbing Dahrem's poisoned blades, she deliberately plunged them into her throat.