The mousebrasses shown here are, from left to right: Anti-Fox, Bravery, Anti-Owl, Life, and the Housemouse.

A mousebrass is a flat, round yellow pendant that comes in various designs. Mousebrasses are given to mice who have come of age during the Great Spring Ceremony. They are talismans enchanted with the magic of the Green Mouse, and they serve to protect the mice who wear them.

After travelling through the decorated chambers of summer and winter, each young mouse encounters the brassmaker dressed as the Green Mouse. Upon reciting a symbolic speech, they reach into his black bag and pick the first mousebrass they touch. It is always the one that is just right for them.

Below is a list of mice along with the brasses they received:

Name Mousebrass
Audrey Scuttle The Anti-Cat Charm
Piccadilly The Sign of Hope
Oswald Chitter The Sign of Bravery and Courage
William "Twit" Scuttle The Sign of the Fieldmouse
Arthur Brown The Sign of Family
Thomas Triton The Sign of the Traveling Mouse
Gwen Brown The Cheese Charm
Albert Brown The Sign of Family
Nel Poot The Sign of the Housemouse
Master Oldnose The Sign of the Maker
Isaac Nettle The Sign of the Maker
Jenkin Nettle The Sign of Life
Alison Sedge The Sign of Grace and Beauty
Young Whortle Nep The Anti-Owl Charm
Woodget Pipple The Sign of the Fieldmouse
Griselda The Sign of the Fieldmouse

Trivia Edit

  • Mousebrasses are based on horse brasses, which are brass plaques used for the decoration of horse harness gear, especially for shire and parade horses. They became especially popular in England from the mid-19th century until their general decline alongside the use of the draft horse, and remain a collectors item today.