Place of Origin:Unknown
Known Predecessor:Audrey Scuttle
Known Successor:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears in: The Deptford Mice Almanack

Morella is a mysterious black squirrelmaiden who came to Greenwich with her father Modequai ten years after the events of The Final Reckoning. Her appearance was quite a shock, as black squirrels were thought to be a dead race.

Soon after her arrival, Morella's father barged into Audrey Scuttle's chamber and took the silver acorn from her neck. Then Morella became the new Starwife as the 'Usurping Mouse' was chased away. Strangely, Morella greatly resembles Alison Sedge, though the significance of this has never fully been revealed. There is less to Morella than meets the eye...

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