Would that there were a different path, but often the most difficult is the only way.
―Ninnia to Ysabelle

Lady Ninnia was the ruler of the Hazel Realm, the mother of Ysabelle, and the wife of Cyllinus. She wore a bronze hazelnut necklace and a veil over her ears.

Ninnia was known for her vast wisdom, and her realm was second only to Greenreach in its importance among the squirrels. Like her husband, she loved their daughter, though was forced to make some difficult decisions regarding her for the greater good.

Knowing Greenreach was destroyed and with the threat of an impending attack on her realm by the bats looming, Ninnia made the difficult decision to send Ysabelle away to become the next Starwife. Meanwhile, she and her husband, along with most of their subjects, would stay behind to create a diversion for the bats. In doing so, they were giving their lives so their daughter might have a chance to flee.

When it was time to say goodbye to Ysabelle, Ninnia forced herself to remain standoffish, knowing she was doing what must be done. After her daughter was gone, however, her stoic mask cracked and she broke down sobbing just as her husband had before her. He gave her no sympathy as he resented Ninnia's decision to send Ysabelle into peril on the slight chance that she would make it to Greenreach alive.

Later, on the road to Greenreach, Ysabelle gasped suddenly and clutched her chest, having sensed her parents' pain at the exact moment of their deaths.