Jenkin Nettle


Place of Origin:Fennywolde
Death: Eaten by Mahooot
Appears in: The Crystal Prison
Whortle's Hope

Jenkin Nettle was the son of Isaac and Meg Nettle.

Jenkin's father acted very cruel to him, giving the young mouse beatings if he did something Isaac found unacceptable. Deep down, Isaac did love his son, but always blamed him for the death of his wife Meg who died giving birth to Jenkin.

Once, Jenkin had been in love with Alison Sedge, but after she received her Sign of Grace and Beauty their relationship ended because she had become vain.

When Audrey Brown visited the field, Jenkin was immediately attracted to her. One night he got her out of bed and told her he was planning to build a nest around The Hall of Corn and he wanted to share it with her. He proposed to her but she turned him down, saying that she knew that he and Alison were meant to be together.

Soon after this, though, Jenkin and Audrey were chased out of the field by the now evil, animate corn doll. However, when they reached the edge of the field, the corn doll stopped chasing them. At first they thought they were out of danger, until Mahooot the owl picked Jenkin up in his talons, carrying him into the sky.

Sadly, Jenkin was killed and eaten by Mahooot, and Isaac discovered the owl pellet containing his son's mousebrass soon after.

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