Fleabee's Fortune is the first book in The Deptford Mouselets series by Robin Jarvis.

Summary Edit

The story is about a young ratgirl named Fleabee, who is unlike the rest of her kind. She is gentle and does not want to harm anything. But the festival of the First Blood is approaching, when young ratlings must murder by midnight or be killed themselves. And so Fleabee has to make a difficult choice.

Plot Edit

Chapter 1: A Flower in the Dark Edit

Chapter 2: With Rancid Alf and his Cronies Edit

Chapter 3: The Plunder Raid Edit

Chapter 4: The Tale of 'Orace Baldmony Edit

Chapter 5: Before the Dark Portal Edit

Chapter 6: Trespassers in the Cellar Edit

Chapter 7: Something Fishy Edit

Chapter 8: In the Vale of Metal Edit

Chapter 9: Sleep Visitors Edit

Chapter 10: Preparations Edit

Chapter 11: Firstblood Edit

Chapter 12: Terror in the Dark Edit

Fleabee's Fortune Edit

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