Audrey Scuttle


Place of Origin:The Skirtings
Known Predecessor:Audrey
Known Successor:Morella
Death: Unknown
Appears in: The Dark Portal
The Crystal Prison
The Final Reckoning
The Deptford Mice Almanack

Audrey Scuttle (formerly Audrey Brown) is the main protagonist of The Deptford Mice Trilogy. She is the daughter of Albert and Gwen Brown, and the sister of Arthur Brown. She was born on the 2nd of January in the Skirtings.

Audrey loved to dress in lace and ribbons and especially loved a pair of silver bells which Twit had given her. She was very headstrong but also very brave and courageous.

Audrey's story really began when she was given The Anti-Cat Charm by The Green Mouse himself. This led her into the sewers where she confronted Jupiter at his altar. She threw the mousebrass at the evil cat god and he was sent to his doom.

Later, she was forced by the Starwife to accompany the rat Madame Akkikuyu to Fennywolde. After Hodge, Young Whortle and Jenkin were mysteriously murdered, the fieldmice pointed their fingers at Audrey, thinking that she had killed them. They were convinced she was a witch and were about to hang her, but Twit invoked the Gallow's Law and married her in order to save her.

Audrey then returned to the Skirtings, leaving her husband behind. When the Starwife came to the Skirtings, she chose Audrey to succeed her. This was a destiny that the mouse refused at first, tossing the silver acorn pendant down the cellar steps in anger.

After the Starwife had died and her body was burned in a pyre, Audrey found a snowdrop flower in the ashes. It was this she used to defeat the spirit of Jupiter once and for all.

Then, after digging through the cellar, she found the silver acorn and took it up to the observatory hill to become the new Starwife and reigned for ten years. However, when black squirrels arrived in Greenwich, she was ousted from office by the mysterious squirrelmaid Morella. What became of Audrey after that is currently unknown.

Audrey as the Starwife

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