'Orace Baldmony

Place of Origin:The sewers of Deptford
Death: Killed by a mob of rats
Appears in: The Deptford Mice Almanack
Fleabee's Fortune

'Orace Baldmony was a rat who was originally Jupiter's lieutenant. However, once when he was about to peel a mouse he had captured, the mouse asked the Green spirit to forgive 'Orace. The rat was moved by this and let the mouse go free.

Soon after, he went through the Grille where he met the mice who lived in the empty house in Deptford. He became friends with them and they told him more about the Green. The other rats finally found him, however, and killed both he and his new mouse friends.

His ghost appeared to the rat girl Fleabee in a dream, urging her to leave the sewers and the ways of the rats as she was not at all like them.

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